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Parenting on Hard Mode (or, How to Tell Your Kids You’re “Crazy.”) [Guest Post Days]

Confession time. I’m crazy. Not the “oh man, mama’s gonna lose it because you left your socks on the floor again!” kind of crazy. I’m the “just spend a month under psychiatric care for bipolar disorder” crazy. As I say, I’m certified. I’ve got the doctor’s notes to prove it. And what’s more, I come by it honestly. For those that …

Guest Post Days

How a Pet Can Bring Your Family Closer (Guest Post Days)

The decision of getting a pet for your home is one difficult call to make, especially if you are already burdened with too many responsibilities. No matter what the husband or kids say, deep down we mums do know that taking care of the new family member will be our job. Before making the call, …

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Mothers Day 2018 Raffle!

Millennial Mrs. and Mom is doing a Mothers Day Raffle for Subscribers! As parents ourselves, we know how hard parenting is. What better gift to give a mother than free designer napkins and napkin rings? A gorgeous set of 6 that fits perfectly for spring weather! Enter for a chance to win FREE Deborah Rhodes …

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How We Went From Sharing to Selfish

In any kindergarten class… Kids sit together at a table, on any given day. They color. They bicker over the blue crayon or the yellow. That’s usually when you hear a teacher say “children, please share, sharing is caring” Everyone hears it. We all know it. Why do we choose to ignore this? Sure… There …

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15 Key Ways To Have Long-Term Relationship Success

When it comes to long-term relationships, everyone wants to know what the secret is to a successful relationship. People often have relationship questions like, “what is a healthy relationship?” or “how do I have a successful relationship?” The answers to these questions are simpler than one might think. When it comes to dating advice or …

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Five Secrets to Making Opposite Personalities Work

People meet up all the time. It’s happening as you’re reading this sentence. We meet others everywhere- the grocery store, library, Taco Bell, anywhere. When this happens, we naturally ask questions to see what the other person has in common with us. Do they like the same kind of music? Do they like to read? …

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The Little Things Add Up: Fun Moments in Parenting

Parenting isn’t the easiest part of life. In thirteen years, I’ve seen a lot- endless crying, broken bones, a heart condition, special needs with two out of three kids, daily wrestling matches, and the list could go on for about a week. It starts out with a small baby step that depends on you for …

Family & Parenting, Secret Weapon is Psychology!

Crossing the Chasm in Communication – Cats and Dogs

Parenting is an awesome experience. And, it’s a challenge. Sometimes, your kids are amazing. Sometimes, it feels like you’re raising wild animals and every step forward is like pulling teeth. Or nailing jello to a wall. One of the challenges is that as you’re raising them, they are literally building up an internal map of …


Millennial Mrs. and Mom Wants YOU!

I am so excited to announce the next step in Millennial Mrs. and Mom! I am looking for a team of writers to join Millennial Mrs. and Mom! If you think you are a good fit, please submit two sample articles to with the subject line: “MM&M Team Sample Articles.” Your submissions should be …