Hey, I am Savannah and I help struggling couples achieve connected, intimate, and happy relationships with the use of psychology, mindfulness, and action-oriented strategies!

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Hey there! If your relationship is struggling, then you are in the right place, my friend! Millennial Mrs. and Mom LLC is here to help you get the relationship you desire! I have been in many relationships -some good, some bad- and I am now married with a little one! I was like you, trying to find the right relationship, or hell, improve the one I was in!

You’re probably thinking, “This is the relationship I want, but it’s just not working right now!” I totally relate to that. My husband hid his porn addiction from me, and when I found out, I was thinking, “What the fuck?! This IS NOT what I signed up for!” Maybe your partner doesn’t have an addiction, but maybe they spend too much money or work too much, or they might just not want sex that often and it drives you up the wall.

Let me tell you, there is hope! You can have the relationship you desire! It just … takes two to tango, so to speak! And you know what the best time is to improve your relationship?

It’s NOW.

Not later, when you’ve been unhappy for years on end thinking, “When will they change? When will I be important to them? Won’t they just listen?”

The Problem

There are TWO of you in this relationship, meaning you BOTH have to want this to work. You both have to agree, “Yes, our communication sucks, let’s fix this together!”

You can try all you want to fix your relationship alone, but it won’t work (trust me, I tried this!). You have to get your partner on board.

Maybe you or your partner are skeptical, I mean, there is a lot out there about helping relationships and you might get dragged down in all the information that you never take action.

On A Positive Note

You can do this! You can achieve the relationship you want. It does take work as anything would, but it’s worth it!

But how do you do this? Well, you learn. You literally need to learn relationship skills (which are also life skills if you think about it). But no one teaches these essential skills that can make your relationship thrive. Did you learn in school? No. Did you learn from your friends? No. Did you learn from your parents? Maybe.

 Good News, You’re in the Right Place!

That’s right, I am here to help you get your relationship back on track! Need help with communicating? I got you! Need help with creating and keeping intimacy? I got you! Need help with improving your sex life? Oh hell yeah, I got you! And how do I do this? From experience.

I have been where you are – unhappy, not connected, feeling alone, unheard and unimportant. But it does not have to be that way!


What’s The Catch?

The catch is, you and your partner both have to commit to this, and that means moving beyond fear, shame, and embarrassment. There is nothing wrong with you or your partner. It’s simply that you two are different people with different backgrounds trying to combine two lives and create one. That takes skill! And if you’ve never learned relationship skills, then it’s harder.

Aside from getting past shame, embarrassment or fear… you also have to be honest. Without honesty, this won’t work. You’re going to have to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses. You have to be ready to say, “Hey, I need help and that’s okay.”

Stop feeling alone and lost. I am here to guide the way to connection for you and your partner! I will be teaching you step-by-step skills, from the foundations to the higher level skills that allow true intimacy and a bond that is unbreakable!

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“I have a background of being the victim of sexual abuse, and a history of pornography, masturbation, and orgasm that spans decades. I have been in therapy, sexual addiction treatment facilities, and many 12-Step Programs. I have amassed a wealth of wisdom that encapsulates an enormous amount experience, education, and knowledge. Savannah Esposito is one of the most thoroughly knowledgeable SME (Subject Matter Experts) I have ever had the privilege to know. Her advice and words of wisdom is unsurpassed and unparalleled. I would highly recommend her as your relationship coach.”


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“This course helped me gain a fresh new look on relationships. It truly resonated with me and not only helped within my relationship but helped me identify things internally I didn’t realize were happening!! You can’t put a price on the realizations and perspective you gain! I 100% recommend!” Marquez

Millennial Customer

“Working with Savannah at Millennial Mrs. and Mom was a very enjoyable experience and her communication the entire time was great.  Everything we worked on together moved quickly because of how helpful she was and I’d highly recommend her website and services to all that are lucky enough to come across them.” Ron Stefanski


“Savannah of Millennial Mrs and Mom wrote guest post on my blog about her experience with Anorexia. I was so impressed with how open and honest Savannah was in her work.  She blew me away with her talent from the moment she sent me her portfolio. I knew I had to have her on my website. Her level of professionalism was impeccable. She quickly responded to any questions I had and was available to chat whenever I needed something cleared up. Not only did she meet her deadline, she out performed herself by getting the piece finished early. I would definitely have Savannah on my site again and recommend her work to any future employers.” Susan Colgan

Owner, susancolgan.blog

“My husband and I took this course together, and we loved how much closer it made us! We were able to understand each other’s behaviors and perspectives more than we ever have before, and we had some amazing conversations. In addition, I work as a counselor and case manager. I use information from this course to help my clients improve their relationships. Such an amazing experience, one I recommend to everyone no matter where you are in life.” Abigail Arner

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