Look at those eyes!

Luvas is one of the most “dog-like” cats I’ve ever met! Seriously this Maine Coon has the personality of a dog, which isn’t rare when it comes to that breed. Luvas, as you can see by his tag, is an Emotional Support Animal. The story of how I found Luvas was unexpected. I was in Savannah, Georgia looking for a dog to get as an emotional support animal. When I went to the local humane society in Savannah I had gone there maybe a total of three times looking for a dog that was not much of a barker since I lived in an apartment complex at the time, where emotional support animals were allowed, but dogs that barked too much could be a reason to get you evicted. Every time I went there I had no luck in finding a dog.

I decided to go to the cat section, just to see what cats were there since I have a love of cats as well as dogs. I looked in the cages and I saw some cats that were much older and more reserved, there were a couple of cats between the 2-5 year range, and 4 kittens. The kittens I could see had worms, but I also knew those kittens would be gone in a heart beat. I’ve always rescued animals, and I love going for the “underdog.” I saw Luvas, and he was curled up, kind of hidden in his bed. I saw his long hair and I couldn’t resist but to take him out and see what he was like. I had a long hair cat a couple of years ago that got hit by a car, and I’ve always wanted another long hair cat since.

Taking him out was a bit of a struggle since he wouldn’t uncurl as I tried to get him. I was gentle and patient and once I got him out I sat down on the bench and I pet him to try to help him relax. I could see he was shy. He eventually relaxed on my lap as I continued petting him. He got so relaxed that he started to get out of my lap to walk on the bench. I noticed he had issues walking, and saw his big paws. He is polydactyl, but at the time I didn’t know why he was having issues walking. He jumped on the floor and sniffed around, and I watched him walk a bit before I picked him up and continued to pet him.

I decided to put him back in the cage as I could see he was wanting to walk around more. He was such a gorgeous cat, and I continued to walk back to see all the cats. I looked back, and Luvas was sitting right up front, staring at me with those intense green eyes, and I knew he was the cat for me.

I walked back over and he rubbed his head on my hand and I pet him, smiling. One of the workers walked in and asked what my thoughts were on Luvas, and I said, “He is gorgeous, and I want to adopt him.” The worker lit up, and said, “I knew he was going to get adopted, let me get his paperwork and you can fill it out.”

I was so happy knowing I was taking Luvas home that day. The worker came back and we sat down and the worker explained why Luvas was given up. “His previous owners got a new cat that didn’t get along with Luvas and ended up attacking Luvas a lot, and Luvas, when shut in a separate room would scratch on the doors to be let out, and the owners just gave him up.” I was honestly so sad and horrified to hear that an owner could own Luvas for 2 years and give him up when getting a new cat that doesn’t like him. “Luvas is also polydactyl, which means he has extra toes and can get growths on his paws that might need clipping from time to time so he can walk without the growths hurting his feet.” I made mental notes of everything about Luvas, signed the paper work, and took him home that day.

He is the most loving, playful cat I’ve ever had. I can’t tell you how many times this guy brightens up my day, whether just sitting and doing school work, or crying from stress, he always is around me, hanging out.


Miss Laid Back

Emily looks laid back in that picture, and she can be laid back, but she is way more feisty than she lets on. Luvas and I had been together for a year and a half before I met Jak and moved into an apartment with him. (Sidenote: Luvas is very shy, yet took immediately to Jak when they met.) Luvas, when I returned home from Savannah, Georgia got used to living at my parent’s house with 4 other cats. So when Jak, Luvas and I moved to an apartment, Luvas was extremely lonely. He would cry when we were at the apartment and cry if he noticed we were about to leave the apartment. No matter how much we cuddled, played, and loved Luvas he still didn’t seem happy. Within a month of being at the apartment I said, “Jak, I think Luvas needs a friend. We have done everything for Luvas and he still is crying and it breaks my heart. I promised Luvas that we could take care of each other and I would do everything in my power to make sure he has the best life.” Jak responded with, “I’ve never had a kitten before, what’s it like?” I explained it since when I was a kid, our cat had kittens so I know kittens. We ended up deciding to get a kitten, and Jak was working one day, when my friend, who is a vet tech told me they got kittens in. I went over to the place, and there were four kittens up for adoption. I tried to play with them, but none of them seemed interested in me, except Emily. She wanted to play. Seeing that she was playful, I thought that would be perfect for Luvas since he is extremely playful.

I asked to take her out, and I held her and could see she was loving, fun, and playful. I knew she was the cat to get for Luvas. She was crying in the cage home a bit but was pretty silent for most of the ride, which is shocking, since Luvas won’t ever stop crying if he is in the car. When we got home, I set up everything for her, including her own little litter box. It took a while for Luvas to even notice her arrival. And the first few days, the first few weeks were quite funny to see Luvas and Emily interact. If you have been following my Instagram, you will have seen Luvas and Emily’s video of their first meeting, where Luvas smells her and runs away. It took some time for Luvas to get used to Emily being around, but once he was, they were the best of friends. The things these two get into when they are playing is ridiculous!


Luvas and Emily make Jak and my life so much brighter. Luvas is a “momma’s boy” and Emily is a “daddy’s girl” which we find really funny. Emily is so attached to Jak, that there are times where Jak tries leaving in the morning and Emily is at his feet, getting in front of him, trying to stop him from going to work! If you want to see some great pictures of these guys or the cute and funny video’s check out the Instagram page at the bottom!

XOXO Savvy Esposito


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