Today, as well as Sundays, are days for guest posts. I have some people who I have lined up for guest posts already! Also, Friday is a day to answer a question from readers and/or guest post an animal photographer’s photo with a story behind the photograph.

So I am posting to say I am excited for the guest posters who have already emailed and are working on their pieces, and I am also posting to say to readers out there that my email is always open to ask for a guest post! Blogging is a community in where we should encourage each other’s work and help each other out, so my door is always open.


If you are a parent or are pregnant (single, married, divorced, younger or older) you already qualify as someone who fits to write a guest post! I would love to hear from parents about their stories/advice on their relationships/marriages, their tips/experiences with raising kids, what it’s like to be a mom or dad for you (stay at home? Working?), etc. Also, if you have a pet, any fun pet stories (with a photo) would be perfect for the Photo Friday submission!

So if you want to guest post please don’t hesitate to email me or go to the “Submit Questions” Page on the blog!

Email: (Subject the email Guest Post or Photo Submission depending on which one you want to do!)

Thanks to all those who have been reading my posts so far, I hope you’ve enjoyed them, I can’t wait to keep posting more!

XOXO Savvy

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