I posted about Becoming a Mom and Wife earlier this week and discussed how I wasn’t sure I knew what being a mom meant. I thought about it for a while and realized I do know how to be a mom. Luvas and Emily are my cats, but I view them as equal as I view Jak. Just because they are “pets” doesn’t mean I treat them like that. I treat them as if they are human at times. Luvas is my baby, I love him to death and I can’t imagine my life without him. He is quite picky, as in if his water bowl isn’t changed every day he won’t drink the water, and the water has to be in a human glass or he won’t drink it. So I make sure his water is clean every day. The food bowls, well if one of them is empty, he won’t touch the other bowl until both of them are filled. I am not sure why he is picky, but I accept it and change my behavior accordingly to make sure he is okay.


When Jak, Luvas, Emily and I were living at our old apartment before moving back in with my parents, there was a gas leak. I remember coming home and seeing 3 firetrucks, and all the people in the building outside with their pets. My heart almost beat out of my chest with anxiety, knowing Luvas and Emily were still in the building. I parked in our designated parking spot in the back, near the back door. I didn’t even think, I just acted, and I went into the building. Immediately I smelled gas. I got anxious, but went up to the second floor and saw firemen at the end of the hall. I knew they were going to question why I was in the building and probably tell me to leave, but I went to the end of the hall and to my surprise, they were just finished checking our apartment. I explained to them that I needed to get my cats and they let me in while they checked the apartment next door.

Luvas was very good once he realized I was the only person in the apartment, I was able to catch him quickly, and get him in his carrier. Emily was a whole different story. The exposure to the gas was nauseating, but I wasn’t leaving without both of them. Emily only knows Jak and I and is terrified of strangers. It was honestly hell to try to catch her and get her out. I tried playing with toys, trying to lure her out. I crawled under the bed to get her, I lifted furniture that normally I would have given up on lifting because of how heavy it was. Something to know about Emily is that she is almost impossible to work with to get her nails clipped, so her nails are usually sharp. When trying to catch her, I got quite the big scratch when I did catch her, which made me let her go because I was bleeding. I quickly cleaned the cut and wrapped it, and attempted to get her again. I eventually caught her and put her in the cage, exhausted, dizzy and nauseated. I grabbed the carriers, and the firemen smiled and were glad I got them. I went out to the front to see Jak parked up the street. I brought Luvas and Emily to the car and we headed to my parents to stay there for the night.


I realized that I have already been acting like a mom to Luvas and Emily for ages. I already have those maternal and protective instincts. I just didn’t realize it until I thought back to some memories I had with these two. I know a human baby is much different than a kitten but I realize I do have those basic instincts already and have used them. I guess I do know how to be a mom.

XOXO Savvy

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