One of the things about cats is that they sleep a lot. Sixteen hours a day. I am often up and writing for this blog, writing for CTM, responding to emails, or trying to figure out the next Newsletter or Promo. Throughout my pregnancy, I’ve been tired on and off. There have been weeks where I needed a nap every day and weeks where I was “super-mom” never resting and on the go. I am back to feeling tired and every time I take a nap, Luvas joins me. That is one thing that I’ve always loved! Luvas, even if he is sleeping on the couch in our basement, he will get up and come jump on the bed and plop next to me while I pet him until we both fall asleep together.


Whenever it’s bedtime Luvas plops next to me and Emily will sleep on my pillow either above my head or as of lately, on my head. She doesn’t always join when I nap but has been joining lately. I woke up from a nap yesterday to look up and see Emily and look down to my feet to see Luvas. I have to say the fact that they join me to nap is super cute! They also follow me in the basement wherever I go. If I get up and walk across to the bathroom, Luvas jumps up and runs, almost tripping me in trying to keep up with me. Emily doesn’t follow me around as much as Luvas, but in the mornings when Jak is off to work, she is literally walking in front of Jak and will attack his shoes and plop, rolling, looking cute trying to make Jak stay because she knows he will leave. Sometimes after he leaves she sits there and will cry, and then return to me in bed and relax. I can’t tell you how much company and joy these two give me during the day!

XOXO Savvy

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