Luvas, as mentioned in previous posts, has a very strong personality. I love him and how adorable he can be. There is one thing that he does, not only to Jak and myself but to Emily, that I wondered about. We think it’s the most adorable thing in the world. When Emily was just a little kitten Luvas did this cute behavior a lot more towards her. Luvas has these “Mousies” as we call them. He has three toy mousies that he plays with often, and there is this distinct cry he lets out and I know that cry means he has “caught” Mousie. Luvas has been crying with Mousies in his jaws and brings it to me since I’ve had him. When Emily was young, Luvas would pin her down, Mousie in his jaws, and would cry to her and try to put Mousie in her mouth. She often refused and he would cry with it and follow her around. Thing is, he was trying to give her food and teach her to catch prey. I thought it was the cutest thing when I looked up why cats do that.


So now, every time Luvas brings me Mousie, I applaud him, give him tons of pets and take Mousie for a while, accepting his food offering. There are times where I got to refill the food bowl, and there Mousie is, sitting in there. I had to look that one up too, and it means that he has put his catch in a secure and safe place. Given that Luvas is attached to these Mousies, and the other cats in the house have the same type, I’ve written Luvas’ name on the tags so if he ever loses them I can go and figure out which ones are his (although I know the difference since his are pretty beat up). Secretly, every day when I am working on my blog, I am hoping Luvas brings me Mousie!

XOXO Savvy

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