I’ve noticed that as we have set up Xander’s area, Emily has been curious and been walking through and smelling. Luvas hasn’t shown any interest. Neither has jumped up on the changing table or gotten on any of Xander’s things, but Emily definitely is curious about the new items in the house. I was starting to think about when Xander gets home, how will they react? Luvas, with his laid back loving personality, I think will avoid Xander. Emily might also avoid Xander but she is more assertive than Luvas so she might be more curious than he would be.

I looked up transitioning cats into introducing a newborn into the house. So far, Jak and I have been doing well. Slowly entering Xander’s things into Xander’s area (which Luvas and Emily never had any interest in). Knowing Luvas, I have a feeling he will be more jealous of Xander given that my attention will be on Xander. Luvas is used to being with me wherever I am in the house. He tends to follow me or hang out in a chair near me. At night, he sleeps at my feet or right next to my chest. So when the bassinet is near the bed I think that is when Luvas will start to be more curious about the furniture changes, since the bassinet will be next to the bed on my side, Luvas’ sleeping preferences might be affected.


Another thing I read was about when babies cry, cats may be upset since it also may trigger the reaction of hearing a kitten crying. One suggestion I read was playing the sound of an infant crying and if the cat gets upset to play their favorite game with them so they aren’t as upset by the infant crying. I’ll have to do this over the next couple weeks before Xander arrives. I know that Luvas and Emily are quite sensitive to strange sounds and often hide if any sound is unfamiliar.

When it comes to smells, I read that having someone in the house the cat is attached to wearing baby powder or lotion may get the cat used to that smell on someone they know and trust, so when the baby is introduced and might smell like that, the cat won’t be as unfamiliar with that scent. When Xander is brought home, another tip was to introduce a shirt or blanket that has Xander’s scent on it to the cats before they get a chance to have a real introduction to Xander.

I read a really funny trick to get cats used to the baby quicker. They said to take the infants socks, pet the cat with it, put the socks on the baby that way if the cat comes across the baby the infant has the cat’s scent indicating family.  I know I have been thinking about how Xander’s entrance into our lives will impact Luvas and Emily. I personally think Luvas will be more impacted given Luvas is highly attached to me, whereas Emily is attached to Jak. I’ll be home all day taking care of Xander so Luvas may not be used to me having something else that I might not be able to walk away from. Emily during the day is used to doing her own thing, hanging with Luvas, or on rare occasions coming over to me for some quick pets before running off to play with Luvas.

I’ll have to start doing all these little tricks over the next couple weeks! I want to make sure I make this transition as easy as possible for Luvas and Emily.

XOXO Savvy

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