September 15th issue is up and my two articles regarding the topic of cheating are live!


The phrase, “once a cheater always a cheater,” is so common and sadly often believed by many. Cheating is a terrible act of betrayal, especially if the cheater is a serial cheater, but not all cheaters continue to cheat after they’re caught. No two cheaters are the same. The problem with cheating is that everyone has an individual idea of what cheating is. For instance…


There are times where things happen. Maybe there was too much to drink. Maybe there were insecurities building. Whatever happened, you cheated, and there is no excuse. It takes time to realize what happened sometimes, but when you see your significant other, there is this gut-wrenching feeling inside. Do you tell them? Do you keep it a secret, hoping to spare them from the pain of knowing you hurt them? Do you spare yourself the yelling that inevitably would happen when telling them? When cheating occurs there are a couple of options…

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