This entire week Luvas has been such a troublemaker! Luvas is an indoor cat, and he escaped outside twice last weekend! Ever since then he has been crying like the biggest baby. Given that he is not allowed outside, every time I leave the basement to go to the kitchen, he is at the door scratching, pawing, and crying. I’ve felt bad when I go upstairs to cook, but when I come back down Luvas stays near me.

Along with following me everywhere this week, Luvas has been bringing me “Mousie” a lot. Sometimes in the middle of the night, he will be crying, jump onto bed, nudge me and drop Mousie next to me, and plop to cuddle. I’ve found it cute, and always enjoy when he brings me Mousie.

Luvas has also been being extra picky with food and water. There are two food bowls, one glass, and one metal. He only eats out of the glass bowl. I found an extra glass bowl when Jak and I were unpacking boxes, and I washed it and put food in it, and took the metal bowl away. Luvas still will only eat out of the original glass bowl, even if the other glass bowl is filled with food and the original has none. Luvas has also needed his water glasses changed a lot. If the water isn’t changed at least once a day he won’t touch the water, and if the glass hasn’t been cleaned in a couple days he won’t touch the glass.

This week I’ve been doing my best to keep up with Luvas. He has been crying a lot and I figure it’s because he got out and is upset that he hasn’t been able to escape again. When he isn’t crying to go out he will cry and walk over to the food and water area. I’ve mentioned before how smart he is, and I have to say he truly does let me know what’s bothering him. I love him and think his personality is so amazing. Luvas keeps me on my toes and makes sure I don’t fall behind with making sure that the one food bowl of his isn’t half empty (Luvas won’t eat out of the bowl if it’s half empty). I am not sure why he is so picky about the way his food and water is, but I gladly accommodate him and make sure he is happy.

XOXO Savvy

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