This week, Luvas, yet again, has gotten outside. I have to say that Luvas is incredibly smart. In the upstairs TV room, there is a window, and Luvas has learned that the screen isn’t fully on and he can push it open to get out. Given that if I go upstairs, Luvas follows or cries, I often let him upstairs while I am cooking in the kitchen to appease him. I make sure that the TV room door is closed.

I thought I was at home alone the other day, but my dad came home sick. I didn’t know and I had left Luvas upstairs. I noticed a couple hours had passed and I hadn’t heard Luvas cry at the door so I went upstairs and saw that dad was home and the TV room door was open, and so was the window. I cursed to myself, and went outside and called for Luvas. Luckily, Luvas much like a dog, responds to his name and came running. I opened the door and he went in. I brushed him down to make sure there were no ticks or things stuck in his fur. I was so annoyed with Luvas, yet, impressed at how intelligent he is.

A couple weekends ago, Jak and I were shopping around for coffee and tea mugs at Homegoods, and there is a pets section. There was this stroller for small dogs or cats. I joked that we should get it for Luvas, but now I am thinking it might not be half a bad idea! I know that Luvas loves when the windows are open so he can smell the outdoors, and loves watching birds. I might have to actually think about getting this stroller since Luvas seems to be so determined to go outside. Luvas is everything to me, and I would hate it if he ever ran away or got hit by a car (like one of our other cats did years ago). Also, I hate ticks, and if Luvas and Emily are indoor cats, they can stay safe from not only ticks but that feline virus (there is a stray cat that doesn’t look so great that does hang out in our yard). One of our former cats died from that virus and actually befriended that cat that hangs out in the yard.

I love Luvas and want him to enjoy himself, but I also want to keep him safe. When he was younger I tried getting him used to a leash but he didn’t like it, so I think maybe the stroller would be something to think about, that way Luvas can be outside and he can be safe. I think it’s a good compromise, especially since I think his previous owner did let him be an outside cat. I have always thought strollers for pets were… well strange, but I guess I am seeing the positive side, at least for indoor cats. Something I guess Jak and I will have to think about.

XOXO Savvy

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