Every couple weeks I keep having nightmares about childbirth. I know I am nervous, I am not one for pain so I know this is going to be challenging. I have been trying to mentally prepare, but I guess I haven’t yet fully prepared if I am still having nightmares.

The overall theme from the nightmares is that I end up in the hospital alone (or don’t make it to the hospital) and end up giving birth with no support people. Often the dreams are filled with anxiety, medical tests, not sure where Jak or my parents are, and wondering if the baby is okay.

I am not sure how to truly prepare for childbirth, most moms have just told me not to think about it until it comes. Jak and I are signed up for a childbirth preparation class for October 21st. I, personally, like to be prepared. I know that I want to have pain meds, but then there are so many other aspects of childbirth that I didn’t even think of like I’ve read articles saying “do you know what position you’d like to give birth in?” I was under the impression there was one position. I guess I still have a lot to learn. Luckily I am seeing my OBGYN later today and can ask questions when I’m there.

Only 7.5 more weeks!

XOXO Savvy

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