A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post on how Luvas and Emily might be affected by Xander entering the picture. I have tried out some of the things I looked up. I’ve played the sounds of crying babies on occasion and Luvas seems completely unaffected and uninterested in that noise. Emily usually isn’t too bothered by it either but is more aware of the sound.

This weekend we are setting up more of the furniture up in Xander’s area. Emily and Luvas seem to be unaffected by the changes. I know cats hate change, but these two are handling the changes like a champ. We are going to set up the bassinet today or tomorrow, so I personally think Luvas won’t be sleeping next to me in the bed with the bassinet next to the bed. I still wonder about trying out the baby powder or lotion for getting used to a new scent.

Honestly, I think part of why they aren’t as affected by the changes in the house, is because of the changing weather and the smells. We are on the ground floor, and Luvas and Emily are usually glued to the windows watching chipmunks and birds. They do tend to notice when Jak is setting up new things and get curious, but once the furniture is in its place they smell it and go back to bird watching. I really do hope that when Xander is here that they are not highly disturbed by Xander crying or the change in routines.

XOXO Savvy

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