The third issue of Conscious Talk Magazine is up! The site went down last week but is up and running again, and with a new look! For this issue, I wrote three articles, that if you’ve been reading my blog, well you will enjoy the topics I covered.


What is the secret to lasting love? How do people have marriages that last over thirty years? The answer to those questions remains in the stages that love goes through. Like anything else, love has stages of development and evolution. Societally speaking, most movies display the first stage of love, which we are all familiar with– the infatuation stage. Movies portray that you meet your “soul mate” and there is a magical happily ever after. Movies never show the next stages of love, and so we are left with…


In relationships, there are varying things that make each one of us feel loved. Some of us love to spend time with our significant other, others love getting thoughtful gifts. All of us are individuals, and often in relationships, we forget that…


Each child is different and will have different needs. The relationship between parent and child is crucial to healthy development. Everyone has heard of “Nature versus Nurture,” but there are psychologists who prefer thinking of that idea as “Nature via Nurture.” In truth, it’s the combination of genetics and environment that can…

I am very proud of the articles I’ve written so far for the magazine, and there’s so much more to come! I am so excited for the October issues because Halloween is my favorite month and I am excited to see what everyone chooses to write about!

XOXO Savvy



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