Luvas has been quite ridiculous the past couple weeks. As mentioned in other Caturday posts, Luvas has this one Mousie of his. It’s white and he carries it around to give to me, Jak or Emily. Luvas brought me Mousie yesterday morning before waking up, dropped it and plopped down to cuddle with me while I slept.

Luvas and Emily are the best of friends, but sometimes Emily is not interested in Luvas. Luvas will bring Emily Mousie, shove it in her face while crying, and she refuses. He continues to try to give her Mousie while trying to mount her! Jak joked the other week that Luvas was trying to pay for sex with Mousie. I thought that was quite funny. I know that cats will “catch prey” and bring it to you as a sign of love, and wanting to make sure you know how to hunt and have food, but I didn’t know cats will try to bring other cats their “prey” and try to mount them. Has anyone else’s cat displayed similar behavior to Luvas???

XOXO Savvy

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