Jina is one of the writers on CTM and she wrote some fantastic articles for the October 15th issue, check them out!

Belts – Are they an ornament or a digestive noose?


Aside from being a useful accessory for many, belts can also be considered ornaments, a final touch that adds more panache to what a person wears. Around dresses, pants, even long shirts. But these pretty ornaments are actually not as harmless as…


Fiction Writing: How To Choose Fitting Names For Your Characters


Giving the characters of your book fitting names is often a very frustrating process. One that, unfortunately, every writer has to go through. Imagine a nursery full of babies. All the countless names. Now imagine that nursery full of adolescents, children, elder men and women, throw in some pets…


Are Children Missing Out In Their Childhood In This Day And Age Of Technology?


Gone are the days when kids would wake up with the early birds, pick up their favorite ball or bicycle then go out to gather their friends to play.

Now a days, kids want to wake up late, watch the latest show on TV, and play the latest game on their Play Stations.

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