This week, we were getting things ready for Xander. Jak and I knew that we should wash all the clothes Xander has before he arrives, and so we went through the clothes and were organizing them by size. This took about an hour or so, but apparently, that hour really mattered to Luvas and Emily.

Luvas kept crying, walking around us, and even carried Mousie over. Emily jumped on the rocker and sat there watching us. I tried dividing my attention between organizing the clothes and the cats, but Luvas wasn’t having it. I was honestly a bit shocked. I knew Luvas would be jealous to some degree when Xander arrived, but for me to be in Xander’s area for an hour attending to things needing to be organized Luvas was very upset by it, more so than Emily.

Since that evening, I’ve made sure to give Luvas attention in the evenings. He has actually been much more attached to Jak and me lately. Luvas is more fond of me than Jak, but he has been jumping on the couch and plopping next to Jak, which is quite rare. Luvas has also been bringing me Mousie three times a day, and when I wake up in the morning I am often cuddling with Mousie instead of Luvas.

I do hope that when Xander arrives the transition will be as smooth as possible, but I do worry about Luvas’ reaction. Emily seems less concerned but still seemed bothered that Jak was not paying attention to her when he was folding the clothes. It’s funny that they can seem so independent, but if Jak and I are both at home, all bets are off. During the day, they will do their own thing, but when Jak gets home suddenly Emily is glued to him and Luvas finds me (probably because Emily is no longer hanging out with him). I guess Jak and I will have to figure out how to make sure these guys still feel loved while having a new member of the family come home.

XOXO Savvy


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