Change happens, all the time. Every moment things are changing, progressing, evolving. One of life’s biggest changes is having a baby. There is an infinite number of articles that talk about how having a baby will change everything, and for new or soon to be moms that can be daunting. Of course, having a baby changes life, that’s obvious, but that doesn’t have to be seen as a negative, especially for young moms.

I’ve heard and read about how there’s no longer a sex life, how there’s no time for each other, how the baby is taking up all their time. Okay, and those things may be true, but they aren’t forever. We as humans adapt, we adapt to survive. So, yes, during the first few months things are going to be drastically different as one learns a new routine, and adjusts to the sleep deprivation– but it’s not forever. I’ve been mentally preparing myself for the changes that are about to happen, and one thing I am trying to focus on is the positives that will come with being a young mom.

The Advantages of Having a Baby Young


Reliving Your Childhood

Being young means you get to relive your childhood with your own kid by playing outside with them, reading them books, going to playgrounds, and just having fun! I know that Jak and I can’t wait until he is able to be outside in the yard playing soccer, or going for hikes! Who wouldn’t want to relive the days where you got to go outside, play, and forget lifes stresses for a bit?


Having Energy Even With Sleep Loss

Being a young mom means that you will have more energy than you would if you were having kids in your thirties. You are not beyond your youth where you’re less physically able to have energy and keep up with your child. Even though you will be missing out on some Z’s, you’re of an age where you are still used to pulling all-nighters for studying. 


Knowing Their Grandparents (and possibly Great Grandparents)

Since you’re so young, your child will have more of a chance to know their grandparents, and possibly meet their great-grandparents too! There is more time to build a solid relationship and get to know more than just one generation within the family.


Less Peer Pressure

Most couples don’t have kids at such a young age, there’s no comparisons or competition with making the “right” parenting decisions with friends voicing their opinions since they most likely aren’t parents. You get to really decide what’s best for your family!


You’re the “Go-To” Couple When Your Friends Start Their Families

Your circle of friends eventually will start their own families, and when they do, they will be calling you for advice. Your kid may be six or even ten by the time your friends start their families, and you will know the drill!


Still Young When Kids Leave

If you’ve had kids in your twenties, when they are leaving for college you’ll only be in your 40’s, which is relatively young! You still have many years to go and live life to the fullest and could still be advancing in your career or even starting a business– endless options really!

XOXO Savvy


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  1. I️ will talk from experience. We had our 3 kids back to back to back and we started at age 18. You would think being 20 yrs old with 3 kids was recipe for disaster but it was best thing we ever did. I️ was able to be involved in sports with my kids. I️ currently Coach all my kids in their sports. They are now 16,15,14. Now my wife and I️ can go out and for date nights and movies and they can stay alone and we are still young. In 4 yrs our oldest will be gone to college and we won’t even be 40 so we are planning to travel. Yes, us as Humans adapt. Good luck

  2. Btw. Now my friends in mid 30’s are just starting to have babies and they hate their life as they can’t go out or travel and see us done. We are to go to people for advice indeed.

    1. Yeah, I’ve heard that a lot that they waited and now they feel they can’t live life the way they used to.

  3. I’m going to have my third right before my 24th birthday and I feel crazy for having this many so fast lol just hard to keep up some days!

  4. I feel as if young people also have babies early to prove a point. To have some type of responsibility.

  5. Love this post, I’m 21 and just had my first child 8 months ago

  6. This post is awesome! I’m 22 and have two children and it’s not easy but it’s definitely worth it! I wouldn’t change a thing even if I could.

  7. I am old and had kids late. As a young married man, I had money for travel, went to Australia, We scuba dove with Tom Stafford from Apollo 10. I had a failed startup, waterskied with Jaycee’s every weekend on our boat. We have lived in FL, CA, IO, TN. Now I have kids late in life. I really don’t know what I would do without kids.

    I do see young parents take more chances with their kids and old parents are afraid of danger, (helmets, football, etc) confrontation of any type. Luckily I see this protectionism in my wife and Yang against it. Go danger!

    Whats the point? You got me to comment 😉 Thats the point…

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