Xander is officially a week old! He has been so adorable, and it’s been interesting getting to know him. For instance, I always know when he is hungry because he will cry and will be sucking on his hands. He really is well behaved though, but then, all newborns sleep a lot! It’s fascinating to watch him while he is awake. He looks around a lot, taking in the surroundings.

Luvas and Emily have been amazing with him! Luvas actually starts crying when Xander cries and Luvas checks on Xander by going to wherever Xander is crying. Luvas also will sit near Xander if he is in one of his bouncer seats near the couch, Luvas sits as close as possible and falls asleep. I don’t think Xander is fully aware of the cats’ presence yet since they usually aren’t within his eyesight. 

Xander definitely knows my voice, as well as Jaks. He is only one week old, and there isn’t an insane amount I’ve learned, but I know one thing for sure, he loves the bed night routine we came up with. Given that Jak comes home late some days from school starting next semester, I am officially the bedtime parent. So I put him in the bassinet, dim the light and say, “It’s bedtime Xander” and play this music globe I played throughout pregnancy while reading him that book about the little bunny running away. Then his Foxie blankie gives him a kiss goodnight, and then daddy gets home in time to give him a good night kiss and get swaddled and finally, we put on white noise and Xander is out. I have to say the bedtime routine is my favorite thing to do. 

It’s true that if you are tuned in to your child you will learn what they need and want. The first couple months of months are about bonding and spending time getting to know your child and them getting to know you. I look forward to continuing to get to know him and who he becomes!

XOXO Savvy

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