Luvas and Emily have done an amazing job of having Xander transition into the house.  Emily sometimes sleeps next to the bassinet, as well as Luvas. They seem to be fine hanging around Xander. In fact, Luvas is curious about Xander, more so than Emily. Luvas often smells the bassinet and will hang out near Xander in whatever area he is in. And when Xander starts crying, Luvas starts crying and will go over to Xander to see him. Honestly, I am shocked at how well the transition has gone. No aggressiveness, just curiosity. I think they have been good with the transition because we are still giving them attention. Luvas sleeps next to me still and will hang out with me during the day. Emily still plays with Jak. 

I truly was expecting more of a difficult transition, but they are doing so well. Xander doesn’t really know that Emily and Luvas are around I think, even when they are behind him smelling him. I can’t wait for the day when Xander is older and can actually recognize that they are there. 

XOXO Savvy

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