Luvas, Emily, and Xander all seem to need me at the same time. It happens so often I think they must plan it. When Xander’s crying, Luvas cries and checks on him, while Emily is all over me while trying to get to Xander. I have found it difficult to balance making sure they are all getting enough attention, love, and making sure they are getting everything they need. 

I feel bad for Luvas because he seems to be the one who needs my attention when I am in the middle of feeding Xander. I am sitting on the couch, feeding Xander, and Luvas jumps up and sits on the armrest and looks at me expectantly. I sigh, knowing that Xander won’t finish his food for another ten minutes and Luvas ends up leaving. Of course, once I put Xander down and try to call Luvas over and give him attention, it’s too late, and he is off doing his own thing ignoring me. 

One thing that’s interesting though, is Emily is quite independent and is fine if I give Xander attention, in all honesty, she doesn’t seem to have much interest in Xander. Luvas, however, who wants my attention all the time, actually is more interested in Xander. The other day Jak and I were getting ready to head out with Xander, and he was crying because he was hungry and we were planning on feeding him when we got to where we were going. Luvas was crying, so both of them are now crying, and we are trying to rush to get everything together. Jak says, “Savannah, look!” and I turn to see Luvas up on his hind feet, paws on the table, crying, looking at Xander as he cries. It was like Luvas went over to check on Xander, honestly, it was so adorable. 

I’ve pretty much learned that when I finish taking care of Xander, I should find Luvas and bring him to the couch to cuddle while I work on my writing, that way they both get their needs met. Emily is much easier since she is more of Jak’s cat and isn’t interested in hanging out with me as often as Luvas is. She does sit on the couch with me though, and sometimes even stays when I feed Xander, looking curiously at him. 

XOXO Savvy

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