Cats obviously are hunters and one thing they prey on is mice. Luvas and Emily are indoor cats so we wouldn’t think they’d ever have a chance to prey on anything. This morning, however, at 5 am, Jak was up making a bottle for Xander, and when he was getting the bottle in the bathroom, he thought he saw one of Luvas’ Mousies on the carpet and stepped over it. He grabbed the bottle, stepped back over what he thought was a Mousie and he then realized that it wasn’t a toy he was stepping over, but a dead mouse that we suspect Luvas must have found and killed. 


Luvas with his favorite Mousie


I’ve had cats my whole life, and I know that sometimes mice get in the house. Jak, on the other hand, has never had mice in a house he’s lived in so he was a bit shocked. I said that we were lucky Luvas didn’t bring that mouse to our bed like he brings Mousie to us. When I was a kid we had a black and white cat named Mandy and I remember she always killed mice and chipmunks and would bring them to the doormat, sometimes trying to bring them in the house. So I considered us lucky to not wake up with a dead mouse in our bed this morning! Hopefully, there won’t be any other dead mice we find (I say with my fingers crossed)!

XOXO Savvy

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