The three photos above are from when Jak and I were living in a tiny apartment. We hated that place. But we were a family, one where the dynamic was obvious. Luvas was my cat, and Emily was Jaks. In the evenings we would spend time together, Luvas sitting with me and Emily cuddling with Jak. One family all sitting on a tiny couch. Since Xander’s arrival dynamics have slowly been changing. The other day Luvas was walking around, crying, and I patted the couch, and he refused to come over. I wondered why, but I was feeding Xander and holding him and have figured out that Luvas won’t hang out with me unless Xander is down in the bassinet.

I think Luvas has started to show jealousy. Emily hasn’t really minded Xander, still, but Luvas is starting to change a bit. It makes me sad because he always hung out with me during the day prior to Xander being here and now he sits afar, watching Xander and me. I am trying to get used to this new dynamic. I am also trying to show Luvas love and attention whenever possible to assure Luvas that he is still loved. I am thinking the dynamic has changed a bit since Xander is wanting more interaction and attention throughout the day.

Hopefully, a balance will soon happen, but until then I can only try my best to meet everyone’s needs!

XOXO Savvy

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