Luvas has been dealing better with the jealousy  I think. Whenever Xander is in his bassinet, Luvas will be on the couch with me, or when I sleep or nap Luvas jumps on the bed and plops right next to me. It seems Luvas is adjusting to the fact that there are times where Xander is hanging out with me and my attention is on Xander. But the second Xander is in his bassinet, you bet Luvas finds me for pets and attention! Another amazing thing about Luvas is that he is the best Emotional Support Animal. Whenever I am sad or having a rough day, Luvas knows and is there, next to me. He isn’t just there for me, if Xander cries, Luvas goes over to him, or if Jak is having an off day Luvas goes and sits to Jak to cheer him up. I’ve never had a cat that seems so in tune with the people around them. I have to say there is something special about Maine coons.

XOXO Savvy

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