Millennial Mrs. and Mom was founded in the summer of 2017. Originally a blog, within months, it turned into so much more. Millennial Mrs. and Mom is now an online magazine that prides itself on being connected with its readers.

Founded by Savannah Esposito, her goal was to create a place where other parents and individuals in relationships could come, learn, and connect. Psychology has had a huge impact on her own life, and through psychology, she has been able to not only succeed in her goals but overcome some very difficult times. With her extensive background in psychology and life experiences, she created Millennial Mrs. and Mom so others could learn and navigate life challenges easier and have a safe space to work through life’s challenges.

In our society, technology has been a blessing and a curse. We are only at the beginning of seeing the unexpected negative impacts of technology, one of them being disconnection. As human beings, we are wired for connection, and Millennial Mrs. and Mom wants to help their audience truly connect again with the people in their lives and enhance their relationships.

By signing up to one of Millennial Mrs. and Moms memberships, you will gain entrance to the Millennial Mrs. and Mom forum. In there you will be able to connect with others, address problems, find concrete solutions not only from our team but from other members in there. The forum is a safe place for Millennial members to learn, grow, and support each other in their unique goals, whether they are parental, relational, or personal.

You also gain one on one access to the Millennial team and can request certain topics to be addressed and even request to work with a Millennial team member with the platinum membership. If you buy one of Millennial Mrs. and Moms courses, you will be enhancing your knowledge about yourself and about your partner, and family. If you need support during the course, you have it, we are here to help you achieve your goals. Through our memberships and courses, you will gain self-awareness, and awareness is key to addressing any problem.