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Caturday Saturdays

I Am a Mom! (Caturday Saturdays)

I posted about Becoming a Mom and Wife earlier this week and discussed how I wasn’t sure I knew what being a mom meant. I thought about it for a while and realized I do know how to be a mom. Luvas and Emily are my cats, but I view them as equal as I …

Question Fridays, Secret Weapon is Psychology!

He Never Spends Time with Me (Question Friday)

Q: I love my husband so much, but I don’t feel loved by him. He is a great husband and father. I know he does things around the house to help out, but he never spends time with me. How do I get him to spend more time with me? A: The question above sounds like …

Guest Post Days

Guest Post Day

Today, as well as Sundays, are days for guest posts. I have some people who I have lined up for guest posts already! Also, Friday is a day to answer a question from readers and/or guest post an animal photographer’s photo with a story behind the photograph. So I am posting to say I am …

Mom Wednesdays

Becoming a Mom and Wife (Mom Wednesdays)

I am 25 weeks pregnant, so I don’t know if anyone would qualify me as a mom yet, but I think that you become a mom throughout pregnancy. Usually, moms are older and have been married for a while when they have kids. I have had the title of “wife” for only a week and a …

Baby Tuesdays

Real Feelings on Pregnancy (Baby Tuesdays)

I am 25 weeks and 4 days. I remember the moment I found out I was pregnant. I wasn’t expecting it, and Jak and I weren’t trying, so it came as a huge shock. I remember it was March 12th, 2017 that I took a pregnancy test early in the morning (5:30 am). I looked down …