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My Cat Tries to Pay for Sex!

Luvas has been quite ridiculous the past couple weeks. As mentioned in other Caturday posts, Luvas has this one Mousie of his. It’s white and he carries it around to give to me, Jak or Emily. Luvas brought me Mousie yesterday morning before waking up, dropped it and plopped down to cuddle with me while …

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We’re Financially Drowning! (Question Fridays)

Q: Hi, so I have been trying to talk to my husband about his spending. We are newlyweds and I am starting to realize we never talked about finances. I am very organized with my money, and my husband doesn’t seem to keep track of his. We have separate accounts, and I’m glad it’s that …

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Moms Can Have It All

At the baby shower this past weekend one friend said to me, “You can have it all,” when I was telling her about school, Xander, and Jak. I started really thinking about that. Honestly, taking this semester off school has been very difficult for me. The only times I’d ever taken off school in the …

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Baby Shower & Six Weeks Left

This past weekend we had the baby shower! It was so fun to see so many people that I haven’t seen in a long time, some of them for many many years. I had never been to a baby shower and wasn’t sure what one was supposed to be like, but the shower was fun …


Stages of Love, Love Languages and Child Attachment (CTM)

The third issue of Conscious Talk Magazine is up! The site went down last week but is up and running again, and with a new look! For this issue, I wrote three articles, that if you’ve been reading my blog, well you will enjoy the topics I covered. The Five Stages Of Love: Why Most …

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Can These 36 Questions Make You Fall In Love?

How do we fall in love? What creates love? Intimacy. When two people are able to be open, honest, and equally vulnerable love can be established. What if I told you that answering 36 questions could make you fall in love with the person you’re currently seeing? Arthur Aron did a study with others that observed …


Trouble Makers

Luvas and Emily have been pretty wild this week! They have been in the most playful mood. Emily literally ends up running right into my leg! They have been chasing each other, pinning each other down, cuddling together and being the best of friends. I have to say though, with all this energy they’ve created …

Question Fridays, Secret Weapon is Psychology!

Caught Him Lying and Think He’s Having an Affair (Question Fridays)

Q: So I caught my husband lying the other day about who he was talking to on the phone with. I heard a woman’s voice and they were talking secretively. My husband thought I was outside but I came in for water and heard him in the other room. I asked who he was talking with …

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The Importance of Self-Care

Some women often have the tendency to look after everyone around them, and can find themselves thinking, “Where did the time go? I wanted to do X, Y, or Z today.” Societally women are seen as the caretakers (which is outdated). They are the ones who are making sure everyone else is okay, being the …