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P.S. below are some of our latest guest posts, check them out and see what other writers have contributed! 

2 Powerful Mindset Shifts To Overcome Obstacles & Confidently Crush Your Goals (Guest Post Days)

My friend Brenda, constantly complains about her neighbor Diane. Diane seems to have it all together. According to Brenda, Diane is young, attractive and has three kids. Despite having three children, Diane still looks like she has the same body she did as a teenager....

What Dating a Christian Woman Has Taught Me (Guest Post Days)

We started out as friends, and I was into PUAing back then. I thought I had mastered the art of love until one day my defenses gave in and I fell madly in love with her. She was beautiful, decent, honest, supporting and knew her purpose in life. These attributes got...

Are Human Pheromones a Myth, or a Great Dating Tool? (Guest Post Days)

How many times has this happened to you? You’re at a party, you’re unattached, and you end up talking to an attractive member of the opposite sex who also appears to be unattached. You’re talking, and things seem to be going smoothly except there doesn’t seem to be...

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Marrying Young (Guest Post Days)

I never imagined I would be the girl who got married young. In fact, I remember telling my mom I was not getting married until I was 30 because I wanted to live first. But here I sit 14 years into marriage and 35. My husband was just shy of 20 and I was 21 when we got...

A Modern Day Romance (Guest Post Days)

How It All Began Every great marriage has a beginning and it some cases an end, my marriage is no different. My husband and I met on OK Cupid in the summer of 2013. I had been out of college for 8 months and had just ended my relationship with my college boyfriend...

10 Things No One Tells You About Having a Baby in Your First Year of Marriage (Guest Post Days)

What, I’m pregnant?! - That small, yet powerful realization in my mind, as I stared at my pregnancy test for the millionth time, had me excited, yet stunned. I was shocked to be sitting there and having been only married for a few months. While my husband and I had...

Lessons From Health Issues in Marriage (Guest Post Days)

I once heard that the first year of marriage is the most difficult.  I always thought that meant we’d struggle to get used to living together.  You know, fights over how to squeeze the toothpaste or which side of the bed we’d sleep on. I never thought that instead of...

How Humor Can Protect a Parent’s Sanity (Guest Post Days)

Good parenting is serious business.  It doesn’t take much imagination to quickly recall the periods of overwhelm, worry, and self-doubt.  There are innumerable challenges and issues parents face that inspire feelings of anxiety and stress.  We worry about co-sleeping,...

13 Best Ways To Prepare Your Kid Before The First Dental Visit (Guest Post Days)

As early as six months old, your child’s baby teeth can begin to cut through the gums that by the age of three, a full set of 20 primary teeth have already appeared. With the emergence of your kid’s teeth comes the responsibility to ensure that the health of your...

How a Job Will Help Your Child’s Self-Esteem (Guest Post Days)

One of the things we want to develop in our children is a healthy sense of self-esteem. While most of us know that it’s important to encourage and praise our children, too much of the latter can often have the opposite effect, especially if it’s baseless praise. We...

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