Thursday and Sunday are Guest Post Days!

Looking for bloggers and writers who want to guest post on the following topics:

  • Family
  • Parenting
  • Marriage/Relationships
  • Kids
  • Careers
  • Pets (Photo Friday of your pet with a story along with the picture)

Since this blog focuses on a psychological twist, whatever topic you chose to write about, write from personal experience. Life lessons you learned? Hardships? Challenges? Successes?


If you’re interested, email me at with the subject “Guest Post”



The Schedule

I have 4 guest bloggers currently writing their posts (they are not on schedule). First finished first served. If you email me and get the post in before others who are currently working on theirs, you will be published before they are because you got the work in.

  1. February 15: Should I Stay Home with the Kids? (Guest Post Days)
  2. February 18: Roadschooling 102: 8 Tips For The First-Time Homeschooling Parent (Guest Post Days)
  3. March 1: 5 Simple Tips to Curb Your Child’s Cursing (Guest Post Days)
  4. March 4:
  5. March 15:
  6. March 18:
  7. March 29:
  8. April 1:
  9. April 12:
  10. April 15: