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  • Kids
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P.S. below are some of our latest guest posts, check them out and see what other writers have contributed! 

How Humor Can Protect a Parent’s Sanity (Guest Post Days)

Good parenting is serious business.  It doesn’t take much imagination to quickly recall the periods of overwhelm, worry, and self-doubt.  There are innumerable challenges and issues parents face that inspire feelings of anxiety and stress.  We worry about co-sleeping,...

13 Best Ways To Prepare Your Kid Before The First Dental Visit (Guest Post Days)

As early as six months old, your child’s baby teeth can begin to cut through the gums that by the age of three, a full set of 20 primary teeth have already appeared. With the emergence of your kid’s teeth comes the responsibility to ensure that the health of your...

How a Job Will Help Your Child’s Self-Esteem (Guest Post Days)

One of the things we want to develop in our children is a healthy sense of self-esteem. While most of us know that it’s important to encourage and praise our children, too much of the latter can often have the opposite effect, especially if it’s baseless praise. We...

5 Secrets to Saving Money on Baby Delivery Costs (#3 is the Best Tip) [Guest Post Days]

Everybody knows how expensive raising a child can be. We focus on the cost of clothing, food, childcare, education, etc. But not many of us think about the expense that hits us at the time of delivery. It’s the first bill you receive after childbirth that eats up a...

What to Know Before Starting a Business With Your Spouse (Guest Post Days)

Have you ever considered starting a business? Better yet, have you ever considered starting a business with your significant other? Whether your business is a blog, boutique, restaurant, podcast, etc., startups can be stressful and challenging! Especially when your...

Six Things you should Never Do When Getting Divorced (Guest Post Days)

Divorce is an emotional very complicated time for both partners and children. During a divorce, tensions run high, and the couple might make a few bad decisions. These decisions might become big mistakes in future that one needs to pay with peace of mind.  Thus you...

A Simple Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Became a Millennial’s Secret Weapon (Guest Post Days)

When I first found out that I was pregnant, my mom was not ashamed to tell me how much the parenting world had changed since she had kids. She told me about all the cool "gadgets" that were out for new moms now, things that would make life easier and things that would...

All You Want to Know About Large Breed Nutritional Requirement (Guest Post Days)

Food is essential for life and balanced diet is essential to lead a healthier life. Just like human require a complex set of nutrients to keep their body healthy, dogs also have certain dietary requirements to stay healthy and active. Feeding either excessive calories...

Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Partner When You Have Small Kids (Guest Post Days)

Do you find that you tend to get complacent in your long-term relationship? It is no secret that in order to maintain a healthy relationship both parties must make an effort. Sometimes it’s not enough to sit side by side-scrolling social media and on a Saturday night....

Diving into Relationship Communication (Guest Post Days)

If you are in a committed relationship, you obviously love your partner, but that doesn't mean you don't face issues or shy away from arguments. Have you ever taken the time to consider if you are communicating with your partner well? Do you take each other's problems...

Since this blog focuses on a psychological twist, whatever topic you chose to write about, write from personal or professional experience. Life lessons you learned? Hardships? Challenges? Successes?


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  • 1,000-5,000 words
  • 100% original and not published anywhere else online
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  • Proofread before submitting (Grammarly is a great tool for writers!)
  • Use personal experience if it helps teach readers
  • Be real, honest, and upfront
  • Do not swear in your articles
  • Keep the articles family friendly if writing about parenting or kids
  • Articles relating to sex, dating, or marriage, keep it PG-13 if you have to describe certain situations.
  • If you chose to link back to one of your blog posts with an affiliate link or a company product that constitutes as advertising. 

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