Join The Team!

If you are on this page, you must be interested in opportunities at Millennial Mrs. and Mom. 

At Millennial we are a small team of writers always looking to expand.

We are taking on intern writers! If you are interested, have experience as a parent, experience in romantic relationships, or psychology and you are in or graduated college, feel free to apply! 

We are a Magazine of Passionate Writers, Parents, and Spouses. Want To Join?



First step to applying to Millennial is creating a resume if you don’t have one and submitting it.


Sample Articles

Second step is having two sample articles that range between 1,000 – 3,000 words on any of the following topics: Family & Parenting, Sex & Relationships, Pets.

Follow On Social Media

Following on Social Media is another step, and we will follow back! 

Email Your Submission

Once all the following steps have been completed, email in your submission to me, Savannah Esposito, at with the subject title “MM&M Team Application”

Job Requirements

By applying to Millennial you acknowledge that you are to submit a minimum of two pieces of writing per month.

Need To Reach Me?

If you have submitted your application and have not heard back within 24-48 hours, email me back or text me at 203-539-0746.

Millennials Audience

Millennials audience consists of predominantly females between the ages of 25-34 years old. When writing your articles keep that in mind. That is not to say don’t write to a male audience or a younger or older audience, but do write with the age of Millennials audience in mind.

Unpaid Internship

Unfortunately at this time Millennial is unable to pay their interns. Interns know that building their resume of writing is worth so much! However, once Millennial is able to provide payment then interns can become official employees of Millennial.

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